21 juni – Workshop Burlesque Floorwork with Freya West (USA)

As taught at Vancouver Burlesque Centre, New York School of Burlesque, Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival & BurlyCon among others. Freya West comes all the way from the USA to Amsterdam to teach this special Burlesque Floorwork workshop at Amsterdam School of Burlesque!

Are you looking to add floorwork to your repertoire, but not sure where to begin? This core-tastic class is designed to give you long lines and clean transitions on the floor, including getting down to and back up again. Turn your choreography upside down and explore how strong and fluid your movement can be once you get there. Modifications for cranky knees and wrists will be offered.

Kleding: Covered knees and/or knee pads!
Datum: Donderdag 21 juni
21.00 – 22.15 uur

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