Amsterdam School of Burlesque presents:

12 mei – Cursus Burlesque Group Performance ‘Stars Rule the Night’met Queen Swan

Amsterdam School of Burlesque presents:
BURLESQUE Group Performance.
max 6 students.

What is this course?
This is a course to take you to stage.
We will produce a group act where we are going to dance, act, interact, strip off and all burlesque tricks, skills and tools necessary in a basic level to make a great act.

Producing this act Includes:
groups and solo parts.
Small acting
Costume decisions and preparation.
Makeup decision.

6 classes
1.5 hrs per class.
Includes: 30 minutes of warming
1 hour of working on the act.
Each day will be intense.
Personal hours of work. 3 per week.

Queens Swan’s style:
Please check my bio and social media so you understand my background in dance and what kind of performer I am. For this course the choreo is standing, no floorwork, no splits, or crazy bridges, just pure simple dance steps.

I like things neat and naughty, hardworking and focus is my pride.
SM: @queenswanofficial

Our Aim
•To shine, of course.
•To step on stage as a group while keeping your individual essence.
•To keep everything basic and simple choreo and costume wise but impeccable and totally stage material. We will focus on doing things well.

•Have taken a few burlesque workshops or courses in advance.
•Have basics knowledge of some dance activity.
•Be able to attend every class (if you know in advance you cannot attend one class please, do not register). This is a teamwork, awareness and consideration of the others is a must.

Understand that to be on stage is a privilege and to be a performing artist and honor and as such this craft should be treat. This musts are in order to everybody shine on stage to their best light and amaze others with and incredible experience.
It is my intention to take you by the hand to the stage but showing you the reality and hard work that being a performer takes.

For whom?
You’re coming back to stage after some time off, you’ve been preparing and training in multi disciplines among the stage arts or you’ve been some time training and learning but are afraid to make the final step to the stage this could be a great course for you, I’ll take you by the hand to the stage.

This is NOT a course for zero experience people, but it’s not for professionals either.

It will be pure joy… and sweat but, overall we will keep it sensual.

Price: €130 p.p.
DATES (please note that classes take place on 3 Saturdays & 3 Sundays):
Sunday 12 May
Saturday 18 may
Saturday 25 May
Saturday 1 june
Sunday 9 June
Sunday 16 june
General rehearsal theatre show: 21 june
Theatre show Boom Chicago: 23 june
Price: €130

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