16 februari – Workshop Love Connection – Partner Yoga for intimate couples met Sara Doguelli

The power of LOVE has been written about in books and songs for hundreds of years. Partner Yoga provides us with tools to experience love in a safe and playful environment.

Through this workshop we open doors to greater physical, mental and spiritual wellness in ourselves and our intimate relationships.

Partner Yoga is the practice of familiar Yoga poses together with a helping hand from another.

Through the poses we explore concepts that are crucial for healthy and happy relationships.

A good practice starts with communication. When we can communicate our needs clearly we can find the balance of incoming and outgoing energy. Through good communication we learn to support and care for one another. We also explore surrender, letting go of control, allowing ourselves to feel supported. Surrender leads to trust. Another key concept explored in this workshop.

And through it all we celebrate LOVE. Love for ourselves, love for our partner and love in the broader, spiritual context as a part of our genetic make-up.

Come join Sara and her partner Nic this 16th of February for the Valentine’s Day special workshop Partner Yoga for intimate couples.

Sara is a Yoga teacher and has been specialising in Partner Yoga workshops in Amsterdam and internationally. Sara is a community person and lives with the motto: together we are better. She decided to focus on the creation of these kind of workshops as she truly experiences joy in the connection, warmth and compassion that is created.

Datum: Zaterdag 16 februari
14:00  – 15:30
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: €50 per couple

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