17 februari – Workshop Get it Out! Healing Anger – Emotional Release met Juel McNeilly

Women are wild, passionate, stormy beings. But most of us have been brought up to not express ourselves fully, especially concerning anger. We feel misunderstood, drained and stuck, when we don’t express our emotions fully. Or when we put on a mask or show hurt, when the core emotion we feel is anger.

In this workshop, you will learn to respond to your emotions and feelings, and stop storing them up.
Everything in life is feedback, but unless we acknowledge what our emotions are trying to tell us and give them a space, it’s difficult to understand the lessons we should take from our experiences. We end up carrying them around, buried inside of us, weighing us down, and colouring our world. This isn’t the real you. The real you is buried underneath all of that, waiting to be rescued from these destructive emotions.

This workshop is designed to help you embrace that part of yourself, and allow everything to hang out. In order to recognise it, and release it.

You will:
• Do meditations and exercises to connect you into your anger, express and release
• Learn how to release anger through the body
• Do rituals to centring and letting go
• Learn to feel the energy of your emotion
After this class you can:
• Feel freedom in your body
• Connect more deeply to your emotional world
• Feel lighter, like a heavy load has been lifted
• Know how to express and process your anger in a healthier way
• Use this ritual for your future emotional release practice

In the course we’ll use techniques used from feminine arts, tantra, intuitive healing, tao, energy work, sounding, emotional & body release.

Datum: Zondag 17 februari
13.00 – 16.30

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