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17 november – Workshop Jade Egg Temple met Nicole Nardone

rasalila presents the Jade Egg Temple. A specialty workshop with Nicole Nardone from the USA.
This is a call to your inner temple. The delta of life, pleasure, medicine, creativity, vibrancy, beauty, wildness, power and so much more. Join Nicole for this luscious Jade Egg Temple experience.

The jade egg is an ancient tradition with Taoist roots. It is rich practice (much like yoga) to bring you into total health, balance, vibrancy, especially (but not limited to) your sexuality. This ancient and potent practice is gaining popularity in the west as an effective way to increase sexual pleasure, strengthen and relax the pelvic floor, deepen your connection + love for your yoni + body and so much more. Some of the many benefits of regular jade egg play is heightened sensitivity in the vagina and more epic orgasms, as well as deep-level healing of stored stress and trauma in the body and sexual organs.

The jade egg is an egg-shaped jade stone you insert inside your vagina. There are rich and powerful practices (movements, breathing, visualization, meditation, mantra, etc) all to bring overall health, well-being, pleasure, and liberation to your body and yoni! During the class, you may choose to insert the jade egg. You may choose not to. All practices can be taken home to explore in privacy.

This is a safe and sacred space to fully drop in to your body, your yoni, in whatever way feels right for you. All practices can be done with or without a jade egg. You do not need to insert the egg during class although you may if you desire.

For who: This is workshop is for anyone with a vagina. It is suitable for absolute beginners. Class is also suitable for those who have already had some jade egg experience, but would like to participate in powerful sisterhood and group energy and experience new practices to deepen your current jade egg practice.

Date: Zondag 17 november
Also join Nicole during her Kundalini – Sex Energy Transformation workshop on 1 december!
14.00 – 16.00 uur
Comfy clothing. A long skirt could be handy if you want to insert the egg during the workshop
Price: €55
Cost of the workshop does not include the cost of a jade egg. This practice is traditionally done with high quality, undyed, pure jade egg. Nicole will have high quality, traditional eggs for purchase if you wish.

About Nicole:
Nicole learned to read and balance chakras around the same time she learned to tie her shoes. Raised around yogis, healers, and wild women, she has a natural fluency in the spiritual and metaphysical realms.

Her personal healing journeys have lead her through study in earth-based spirituality, shamanism, Thai massage, herbal medicine, classical tantra, kundalini yoga, sacred sexuality practices, sexual tantra, Taoism and more.

She has extensive training in kundalini and tantra. She is trained as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan© through the Kundalini Research Institute. She has trained with world renowned teachers since 2003.

Nicole currently sees private clients, and leads classes, workshops, online courses, and retreats around the world. Her work has been described simply as “life changing”. She weaves ancient tradition with modern application, reverence with laughter, deep grounding with cosmic expansion. She is a powerful force for activating the innate vitality within. She is passionately, eternally devoted to awakening the sacred within all, to coming fully alive.

Her deepest passion is in connecting others to the truth of who they are, through sexuality, the body, and pleasure. Everything is sacred. Everything is worship.

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