24 maart – Cursus Witch – A Course in Magic met Pipaluk Universe

Witches are interfaces between seen and unseen worlds. They know how to access their intuition, work magic to co-create the world and forge their own lives with intention and wisdom.

They seek to live in alignment with their highest truth, with nature and its cycles, and the energies of the universe.If these words sing to your soul, then this course is made for you. Join me for three gatherings of ritual and teachings to learn the art of witchcraft. For those whom it calls to, it is nourishment for the body and soul.

Learn the deep connection our ancestors had with life.
Discover how to connect to magic in an accessible way that can be practically applied to your life even after the first class.
Experience the beauty of life and your role in it.

Learn that magic is real, it is here, and you can access it whenever it is your wish.

Allow me the service of opening the gate to the enchantment of your life, where you will find that logic and mystery are connected and a vital key to living life with purpose, power and pleasure.

Experience first, believe later.

Will you listen to the call?

NOTE: This class is for those who are curious and new to it all as much as it is for those who have been around the block a few times. The content has been inspired by my teachers and has poured through my being to create a true work of love with the intention of offering you something as unique as it is excellent. This is in service of your path.

Class 1: Truth – In the first ritual we will come into alignment with our highest truth, beyond the stories we have shaped to describe what our life is. This will connect you to wisdom, purpose and clarity. Who we are, for most of us, is far greater than we allow ourselves to think.

Class 2: Wisdom – This ritual will teach you the foundations of the art of reading the signs of nature and the universe. After passing through the gates to align with your highest truth, you will learn to listen and perceive. There are many tools people use to connect to what was, is and shall be. This class will teach you how to use a few of them as well as the most important lesson I have learned for accessing wisdom.

Class 3: Love – The third and final ritual will show you how you can weave with the web of life with love. Stepping into life being able to co-create it with intention is an act of love when we are deeply connected to the star that shines within us, the planet we call our home, and the universe above and all around us. Learn how to make magic as an act of love.

Data: Sunday 24, 31 maart & 7 april
Price: €75

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