Amsterdam School of Burlesque presents:

28 september – Lecture Burlesque Costumes – by Luscious Lily

“For the burlesque queen, the single most important contributing factor to her success was an elaborate wardrobe.”
(Liz Goldwyn)

Burlesque costumes have the ability to tell a story, to dazzle the audience and to transform an ordinary woman into a sex goddess onstage.
In this lecture we will follow the development of the burlesque costume from its birth in the 1860’s to nowadays examples, with attention to style, references and storytelling.

What did burlesque costumes look like in different time periods and why? What inspired burlesque artists from the past? And how can we improve our own costumes?

This lecture will be both a historical overview and a practical lesson in the artistic principles of costume design.

About Luscious Lily:
Luscious Lily studied Dance/Movement Therapy and graduated cum laude in History of Arts and
Architecture. When she took her first burlesque course at Rasalila in 2011 she immediately felt that
this was the art form in which everything came together. Her passion for art history, dance and
costume making naturally merged together when she started her own journey as a burlesque
Next to being a performer, Luscious Lily is a self-taught costume designer with almost 20 years of
experience in dressmaking. If you have any questions on sewing techniques or a project that you’re
working on, bring it with you! There will be some time to share tips and tricks.

Datum: Zaterdag 28 september
Prijs: €27,50 per lecture. Are you joining the lecture The History of Burlesque on 31 August too? €45 per two lectures.

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