30 september – Workshop In the Flow! Your menstrual cycle… met Wies Galjaard

Your period is not supposed to be a bad thing!

PMS? Period pains? This is not necessary and easier to change than you think.. you’ll be surprised!
We all know that when the body or mind hurts, something is wrong. Except for the menstruation. Really?? No, not really,..

Your menstrual cycle is a beautiful creative force. Yet most women experience it as something they rather skip. We were told it is some kind of mistake of nature or even a curse. The knowledge and beauty of it has been kept from us and therefore our period became a problem instead of something to look forward to.With the right information and understanding your cycle will turn in to something beautiful and helpful, something you wouldn’t want to live without! You will find that as a woman you have an inner coach and guide, called your menstrual cycle and being aware of that could change your life!

What is the power of a menstrual woman, why is it turned into a taboo? What can we do to (more) smoothly incorporate our cycle in our daily lives and have less discomfort? This workshop will tell you all about it! You will find that your cycle is a perfect expression of your womanhood.

Datum: Zondag 30 september
Kleding: Trek gemakkelijk zittende kleding aan. Neem eventueel een vestje mee als je het snel koud hebt. Er worden niet veel bewegingsoefeningen gedaan in de workshop.
Tijd: 10.30-13.30
Prijs: € 49,50

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