Amsterdam School of Burlesque presents:

31 augustus – Lecture The History of Burlesque – by Luscious Lily

Today when we think of burlesque we immediately think of corsets, feathers, rhinestones and scarlet lips. We think of Dita von Teese, Gypsy Rose Lee, striptease and bumps and grinds. But burlesque as an art form has a long history. Its development followed a winding road and offers many and various examples for the contemporary burlesque artist.

In this lecture Luscious Lily takes you back to the origins of the burlesque show, from Victorian London theatre to American vaudeville, from grand Broadway shows like Earl Carroll’s Vanities to strip clubs, from its heyday to its declining years and the revival of burlesque in the 1990’s.
She will put a spotlight on the performers who made burlesque famous, discuss the influence of burlesque on
popular entertainment and put current themes like feminism and body positivity into historical perspective.

Let yourself be taken on an informative, exciting and truly unique journey through time!

About Luscious Lily:
Luscious Lily studied Dance/Movement Therapy and graduated cum laude in History of Arts and
Architecture. When she took her first burlesque course at Rasalila in 2011 she immediately felt that
this was the art form in which everything came together. Her passion for art history, dance and
costume making naturally merged together when she started her own journey as a burlesque
Through the years she delved into the history of burlesque theatre: she read all the books she could
find, studied photographs and newspapers and watched video footage dating back to the late 19th
century. Because she feels it’s both important and inspiring to know the origins of any art form,
Luscious Lily likes to share her knowledge about the world of burlesque with performers and other
interested people alike.

Datum: Zaterdag 31 augustus
Prijs: €27,50 per lecture. Are you joining the lecture The History of Burlesque on 28 september too? €45 per two lectures.

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