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5 mei – Workshop DIRRRTY Floorwork for Burlesque Artists with Alexandra (Queen Swan) Feo

This is a basic 101 floorwork workshop designed for new burlesque artists to build floor routines properly and for established burlesque performers who want to incorporate floorwork to their routine. The orientation of movement in this workshops is a tad exotic, erotic, sensual and sometimes plain dirty, but with a big dash of sophistication.

Understanding and creating clean floor lines, polished and complete movements, posture, floor transportation, musicality, basic floor work skills and techniques, body rolls, leg waves, optical splits, basic shoulder rolls.


People with little knowledge of dancing who want to incorporate some proper and clean dance moves on their routine. Burlesque artists with some dance skills who are willing to upscale their acts and moves to make it a world class presentation.

Personal corrections, attention to detail,s repetitions, sweating, hard work, high energy, deep observation of movements, this is a workshop created with a bullet of information about the details that make all the difference on stage. All music, movements and choreo are oriented to burlesque stage art.

Proper floor warming up
Skills, techniques & exercises – basics: Posing, studying angles, floor transportation, basics floor moves, proper legs and feet work.
Choreo: we are going to apply every skill and exercises learned in class.

Training outfit that allows you to move freely, but keep it sensual, please.
Bottom options: leggings, knee high socks. Keep in mind that you need to be able to slide on the floor.
You can bring heels too, but no pleasers, nor big platforms.
Knee pads.

Date: Sunday 5 May
Time: 14.30-16.30
PRICE: One workshop: €42,50
By booking both workhops (today and 20 April ‘Workshop Dancers Secrets & Techniques’) of Alexandra: €79,-

ABOUT ALEXANDRA FEO, a.k.a. Queen Swan
Born and raised in Caracas (Venezuela), Alexandra developed her love for the stage arts since early childhood. She started ballet school at the age of four, at the same time being educated in classical music. She commenced her professional dancing career at the Classical Ballet Company at 16 years old and continued this path until her late 20’s. As an international star she performed and trained around the world, including New York, London, Barcelona and Tokyo. After a decade around the world where she got to teach Ballet in Japan and coach privately, she arrived in Amsterdam where she discovered the Art of Burlesque and Exotic pole.

In her debut and comeback to stage first year, she has already performed in her residence city, Amsterdam as well as internationally in Berlin, and London. She is now in preparation for her next shows in Saint Petersburg and Hamburg where she has being invited to teach at the Berlin Burlesque Empire.

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