When we (Floortje & Willemijn Laan, Sisters, but not twins! 😉 started out with rasalila in 2010 we had this vision of creating a studio where we could offer all the movement practices that we thought were fun and made us happy or feel good about ourselves.

So, the classes we started out with were, back then and still are, very unique; AcroYoga and PoleFlow. We had a small class room in an old school building in Amsterdam Bos en Lommer with 2 dance poles. Doing inversions and hanging upside down was one of our favorite things to do.

Soon we discovered that we where not the only ones that loved it (yeay!) and we kept growing and adding new and exciting classes to our schedule. Now, years later, we keep following a hashtag that became one of our most important motto’s: #lifeisbetterupsidedown and we find hundreds of people checking into our commmunity every week that will agree to that!

But besides the fact that being upside down is fun (or maybe just scary to some ;-), why should you do it?

6 Ways How Life Can Be Better Upside Down

Many people are drawn to the idea of hanging upside down to relieve back pain or stress and improve posture, which it can. Feeling tired? Also use an inversion to perk up! When the blood rushes to the brain, we feel more awake!
What would you like to relieve during an AerialYoga session?

Other exercises — such as the handstand — also bring you into an inverted position. This helps improve your balance and exercises your stabilizing muscles. During inverted pullups, point your body straight upward or bend at the hip, but keep your legs straight to bring your body into the piked position.
You can practice handstands in our special Handstands & Arm Balances class.

Flexibility is an important part of feeling good in your body. Hanging upside down using a tool such as a pole, a hoop or a partner will increase your flexibility because you will alternately tighten and lengthen your muscles.
To be a good poledancer you need to be strong, but definitely flexible. That is why you will also get yoga asana’s in the warming up and cooling down of the PoleFlow classes.

Flexibility is not only in your muscles but also in your brain. Inversions have the power to bring you into the moment. It’s hard to do anything else when upside down! Staying grounded, calm, focused, breathing slowly. Activating your brain this way will improve your memory, focus and mood.
During AcroYoga classes you can find out how flexible your brain is.

Hanging upside down will give you inner strenght aswel as physical strenght. Gravity will address all your muscles and can make excersises a true workout.
AerialHoop is a good example of where hanging upside down becomes a (fun) workout.

Just like jumping up and down, being upside down is just fun! Feel like a kid again, play in the grass, do a cartwheel or handstand on the street or hang in a hammock — It will bring joy into your life.
Try a round of Aerial Hammock Play to get that playfullness back into your life!

Looking forward to see you upside down soon!


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