Every Woman is a Divine Goddess.
Your feminine body is the chalice of your wild natural power. Your Yoni (womb, ovaries, vagina, vulva) is the seat of all your creative life force energy and magic.
YoniYoga helps women to reconnect to that creative life force energy and magic, embracing and embodying their Inner Divine Light.

In a YoniYoga class you will focus on and work with your pelvic floor muscles, the muscles of your yoni, and work with your energy (life force energy/chi/sexual energy/prana/bio-energy).
We will use different techniques, like: assanas, breathwork, meditation, sounding, visualization, and focusing, re-connecting to our body and the sensations within our body.

YoniYoga helps you to calm your nervous system, restore your energy, re-connect to your body and ultimately helps you to re-claim your inner wild magic and feminine power. It gives you a change to nurture yourself and fill yourself up from the inside out, so you become your own temple of inner wild magic and feminine power.