We are a community that loves, practices, performs, and lives Burlesque, a theatrical dance style also known as the Art of Tease.

Burlesque is about showcasing your beauty and sensuality in any shape or form, often through the act of teasingly revealing layers of clothing. It is also about mocking the zeitgeist, and using body and facial expressions in a seductive or humorous way to play with the sensual and/or erotic.

At our school, you can take burlesque courses and workshops taught by our Headmistress Floortje Laan, also known as Flora Gattina, as well as her team of teachers with Fae Fortune, Dark Salty Coco, and Leyla Liquorice plus fantastic guest instructors.

Our classes allow you to flirt with the exciting world of burlesque, and help you feel seductive and powerful while developing self-confidence and your own unique style in a relaxed atmosphere. We will explore the meaning of burlesque, find freedom to express yourself,  learn dance routines, create unique pasties, different skills like feather fan dancing and act development.

Our minimum age requirement is 18 years old.
We offer burlesque workshops and courses for all genders, but please check the description to ensure that the workshop you are interested in is suitable for your gender expression.

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