Juel McNeilly – Life Coach

“I want to urge and support women to feel amazing creating deeper relationships with their minds, bodies, and emotions…to own it completely..”

It’s time to overcome the obstacles holding you back. This means building awareness of your mind, body, behaviours, patterns, needs and emotions. Tapping into your unique inner source, wisdom, and sensuality through exploring a deeply nourishing and fulfilling relationship with yourself. I will do my utmost to guide you towards creating your own unique life path.

Juel is a life coach and one of our beloved teachers at rasalila.
Her sessions will transform your life.

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Willemijn Laan – Ladypreneur (business) Coach

I’m here to show you how to Follow your Heart & Passion and to get the right mindset and tools to become the Ladypreneur you want to be.

You LOVE to be an Entrepreneur (or freelancer), or want to be an entrepreneur but you get stuck in all the HOW to do it all, the fear of feeling you are not good enough, and the questions around so many topics that are not your specialty, but come with having a business.
Let Me Help You…
From planning your work around the kids or life (I know that feeling) or getting rid of that thought of ‘Who am I to think I can do this’ to how to get into marketing without having the feeling you have to sell your soul…

Willemijn is entrepreneur and owner of rasalila and House of Ladypreneurs.