We live in a ‘mental’ world – where it’s easy to get stuck in your head. Remember that scrumptious feeling of losing yourself in a song?

To let go of thinking about the steps, and just Move?!

Knowing that if it feels right, it’ll stick to your soul. Dance is a beautiful way to bring your focus into your body, tap your senses, and set yourself free in effortless fluidity. It supports emotional release, and grounding into the body. A safe space will be created for you to awaken your sensuality, connect with your feminine energy, and experience your exuberance.

In this class, you will explore your entire being through luscious mindful movement and stillness – a dancing meditation. It’s not about being a dancer; it’s about being YOU. Stop thinking, and join this flowing moving meditation that will deepen your connection to your authentic nature and unleash yourself!

Start feeling ALIVE – Get out of your head, descend into your body!

You’re welcome to wear anything that makes you feel sensual and/or comfy, and that you love to move in.

Both Women and Men of all body shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ages are welcome. Suitable for pregnant women.

Perfect for those suffering from, or near to, burn out, overwhelm, stress. If you just want to release. Or if you want to tap into your creative sensual core.

This class is taught by Juel McNeilly.

Video impression: