Yoni loosely translates to “sacred entrance” and describes the female genitalia; womb, ovaries, vulva and vagina. In this class, you will delve into a meditative connection to your yoni, allowing you to relax fully into the most fundamental aspect of yourself.

Tune into yourself, and restore inner harmony. Experience the soothing benefits of guided meditation, get in touch with your body’s natural rhythms, while being suspended in the air. Working with the senses, calming music or bowl vibrations surrounding you…. you are guided to surrender deeper into your very being.

This “womb” like experience, will lift you into your own space, cocooning into a natural position of total support. Offering you the chance to deeply surrender to the present moment, trusting that everything you need is already provided within you.

Allowing a sense of peace and harmony to flow through your entire being, as you connect with your own unique energy. Slow down, and float into being.
This is a 45 minute guided meditation plus 15 minute savasana.

Women only

Clothing: Bring a shirt with sleeves. This is more pleasant for your skin, but also for hygiene.
Audio visualisation: Want to continue with Yoni Mediation at home? Listen to this audio visualisation of Juel McNeilly.