Conscious Connection by Willemijn Laan

Conscious Connection. This is one of my all-time favorite topics. I love it so much because I love love, I love to find ways to feel more flow, more love, more connection and creativity. And I’ve been surprised so many times in my life when just a simple change of approach with the people around me made such a huge difference in how these relationships evolved, changed or progressed. And with relationships I mean any relationship you can think of. It doesn’t have to be a love relationship. But any connection you can have with someone close to you.

But before we start digging into how to create a conscious connection, let me first explain to you what Conscious Connection actually means. And why you’d want it. 
Most people are walking around with the idea that happy relationships and connections with people around you are about finding the right person or people.

But the truth is:

Who you are in a relationship with is only part of the game. But how you do relationships makes all the difference.

Because when it comes to feeling fulfilled in your relationship, it’s the conscious connection practices that can bring you in a new relationship dimension.

So you can stop searching for your ‘soul mate’ and start looking for a better way to make connections with people instead.

But I also like to think it’s empowering. It means that creating an awesome connection with someone is in your hands and that it’s not the random spin of ‘The Universe’.

Conscious connection is a feeling of closeness and connection with someone. It’s a sense of being deeply seen, known, and understood. It requires vulnerability, empathy, a high level of trust, and a deep, conscious way of communicating.

Conscious connection is created purposefully and with intention.

For most of us, relationships are a struggle, but what we really want is a conscious connection; we have a deep longing for relationships that are free of mistrust, disharmony and unspoken words. We want relationships to be the place to take us higher and stimulate our creative expression. But we’re so used to living our lives with mostly unconscious connections that this is usually the kind of connection that we keep making.

Unconscious connections turn relationships into connections that often bring out the destructive habits of each person in the relationship. Unconscious connections drain energy and creativity. But by practicing conscious connection, we can come into a state of well-being that stimulates the energy and creativity of each person.

In a state of conscious connection with someone, you will support each other in being your true and complete selves. It’s about letting the relationship be the Kickstarter for you both to express your full potential and creativity. When two people focus on conscious connection each takes 100% responsibility for his or her life and for the results each creates.

How this looks is unique for each and every relationship. 

In my relationship, we know that we feel emotionally intimate when:

When we feel that we can enjoy and really be happy about each other’s passions and adventures, when we’re dancing while cooking our meals together when we’re laughing over silly jokes that only we find funny, and when we feel safe to speak the truth about anything and everything, especially when it might be a topic that is difficult for our partner to hear about. 

After years of studying, practicing the topic of conscious living and especially studying the work of Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks and their books called Conscious Loving and Conscious Living I’ve learned about a set of core practices that build emotional intimacy, deepen connection, and lead to a feeling of fulfillment.

It’s about

  •   identifying your feelings and using them to express yourself from your core,
  •   telling the microscopic truth,
  •   loving yourself deeply in order to love someone else,
  •   owning your shit by letting go of projection,
  •   focusing on creativity and play as a daily practice.

And now I’ve made a course about it called… Conscious Connection.

The idea of this course is to not apply conscious connection to your love relationship but to any close relationship. So even if you’re struggling in a relationship right now, the small, everyday actions that are given in the course can help you reach a whole new level of connection…

Willemijn Laan

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